Lead with Integrity: You Are The Salt Of The Earth

We lead with integrity by following Jesus’ example. Early in Jesus’ ministry, he preached the Sermon on the Mount to give us powerful and practical advice for living godly lives. Let’s study one parable from the Sermon on the Mount that explains how we can lead more like Jesus.

You are the salt of the earth

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

Matthew 5:13

Jesus was the greatest storyteller ever to live. He seldom just said things matter-of-factly. Instead, he would tell relatable stories that helped people understand complex principles. These simple stories that explain spiritual truths are called parables. So, what did Jesus really mean when he called you the “salt of the earth?”

1. Enhance the lives of those around you

Salt is an influencer of flavor. It brings out the best in every food. You don’t realize it, but it’s what makes most food taste good. From steak to cookies, salt brings out the best of their flavors. Who does Jesus say is the salt of the earth? You. This means that you should bring out the best in people.

Everywhere you go, your influence should change the atmosphere.
Your organization should be better because you’re a part of it.
Your family should be stronger because you’re present.
Your church should be more impactful because you’re contributing

Are you bringing out the best in others and your environment?

2. Give glory to God

Salt is also under-the-radar. You don’t really notice it in most meals. No one eating a steak says, “Wow, this salt is amazing!” People compliment the steak. Salt is not meant to overshadow other flavors. This should be true in your life, too. Your life shouldn’t be self-centered or overwhelmingly about yourself. Rather, you should give glory to God to show others how awesome He is. Your choices, your actions, and your relationships should all reveal the glory of God.

So, how can you lead with integrity according to this parable? Jesus calls you to be the salt of the earth, enhancing the lives of those around you while giving all the glory to God.

15-Minute Video Bible Study About The Salt of the Earth Parable:

This devotional is based on a Bible study from the LFC circles app. Watch the full Bible study message here:

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