God blesses every leader with a one-of-a-kind platform to reach others. When you use your influence to glorify God by impacting the lives around you, you are a leader following Christ.

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you have found success.

have you found fulfillment?

The influence that God has blessed you with is powerful. Whether you’re leading a ministry or a business, you are in the perfect position to make a meaningful difference in the world that glorifies God and fulfills your soul.

When the daily demands of leadership overshadow this God-given opportunity, even the most successful leaders are left burned out and unfulfilled. 


There's a better WAY to lead.

become a leader following Christ.

You can renew your passion and discover your greater purpose by following God's unique calling for your life. We're here to empower you to pursue your God-given purpose. 


LEAD others.

LEave a Legacy.

use your platform
as a pulpit

The leaders following christ podcast


turn your platform
into your pulpit

You don't have to be a pastor to be used by God. God calls high-impact leaders to live, work, and socialize in vastly different spheres of influence so that we can reach the whole world with his great love. 

The Leaders Following Christ Podcast highlights stories of inspirational leaders using their platforms for a greater purpose.

Tune into the next episode of our podcast to learn from leaders who exemplify what it means to be leaders following Christ.

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