Corporate Chaplaincy: Bringing a Ministry Into Your Business

A Challenge: Serving Your Employees so They Can Best Serve Others

Christian business leaders often strive to establish company cultures that reflect Biblical values. They want their employees to support each other well, serve clients with excellence, and conduct business with honesty and integrity. What percentage of your employees are working with that level of productivity and success?

It’s a challenge to hire and retain incredible employees. Many variables come from the fact that you are dealing with people. These people are coming to work every day in the midst of challenges that you know nothing about. Their personal issues are impacting their productivity at work and impeding on their overall health and well-being.

A Solution: Corporate Chaplaincy / Life Coaching

Business leaders can invest in their employees by implementing a Corporate Chaplaincy program. This is an employee benefit that makes a Chaplain/Life Coach available for private and confidential sessions to provide personal support and guidance. Over time, the chaplain establishes personal relationships with employees by providing a “ministry of presence.” They demonstrate God’s love by being there for them. They walk with them through career stressors, broken relationships, challenging family dynamics, health struggles, parenting, and anything else that is causing personal distress. As the chaplain becomes a source of encouragement and support for employees, matters of faith often find their way into conversations and give the chaplain the opportunity to shine God’s light and hope into dark situations.

Benefits of Corporate Chaplaincy

  1. Improve Productivity
    Hiring a Corporate Chaplain is an investment in your human capital. Every person on your payroll fluctuates in their professional productivity based on their personal situations. When employees improve their personal well-being, they can also improve their productivity at work. After all, healthy organizations can only be sustained by healthy leaders.
  2. Demonstrate Holistic Care For Your Employees
    Providing employees with the benefit of a Corporate Chaplain puts your core values into action. You demonstrate how much you care for their professional and personal well-being by giving them a tool to help them balance the stress of both. Whether or not employees take advantage of the Corporate Chaplaincy program, knowing you have made this resources available to them improves your credibility as a Christian leader.
  3. Ministry Moments Can Take Place In Your Workplace
    Every employee has the personal choice as to whether or not they’d like to bring God into a conversation. More often than not, people desperately looking for a way to change something about their lives are very open to spirituality. This has opened countless doors to impactful conversations about the transformative power of Jesus Christ.
Learn More About Corporate Chaplaincy From One of the Best

We had the pleasure of hearing from Corporate Life Coach/Chaplain Tom O’Connor on the Leaders Following Christ Podcast! Tom O’Connor is an experienced Chaplain who has served in corporations, churches, higher education, and sports. Tom currently provides biblical mentoring, teaching, and counseling to employees at a mid-sized marketing company in Upstate New York. His experience and insight will help business leaders understand the opportunity they have to bless their employees with a Corporate Chaplain.

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