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God never intended for you to do it all alone


As the pressures of life and leadership mound, we all need strategies to realign our perspectives and actions. We have a pastor and a life coach available to offer you free and confidential support. Topics of conversation are vast, ranging from personal challenges to work stress. Anything that is causing you stress or burnout is worth bringing to light.


our pastoral support team is here for you.

1-on-1 discussions with your chaplain that are free and confidential

Guidance to overcome and prevent burnout

Support in balancing professional expectations and personal struggles

Presence through all forms of crisis

Discipleship to guide you towards peace and fulfillment

God-honoring advice rooted in Biblical values

meet pastor jackson garrell

Jackson Garrell serves as the pastor of Leaders Following Christ and a dedicated leader on our Pastoral Support Team. He lives in North Carolina with his wonderful wife and a few dozen houseplants. Jackson is honored to connect with ministry leaders on a personal level to offer a listening ear and speak hope into their lives.
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meet life coach tom o'connor

Tom O’Connor has been our Life Coach/Chaplain since 2008. Tom has provided biblical mentoring, teaching and counseling to many executives, corporate employees, and their spouses as Corporate Chaplain at a midsize marketing company. He also serves athletes throughout the minor and major baseball leagues for 18 years as Chaplain of the New York Mets organization. Tom is honored to offer proactive and personalized guidance through anything that matters to you.
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are you a pastor in need of support from fellow pastors?

are you a pastor in need of support from fellow pastors?

The work you do for Jesus, the Church, and your community is incredible. You’re leading people towards life-giving relationships with God while pouring into them with love and support. There is undeniable beauty and fulfillment in this God-given calling, but we know it isn't easy.

Leading a ministry also comes with stresses and pressures that deeply impact your church life, personal life, and spiritual life.  You need to address these struggles with an understanding support system to handle pastoral pressures in healthy ways. That’s why the Pastor Circle exists. You’re why the Pastor Circle exists.

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The Pastor Circle is a group of ministers from varying nations and denominations who gather monthly to support each other personally and spiritually. We meet on Zoom on the first non-holiday Monday of every month from 12-12:45pm ET. 

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