Celebrating Reset Retreat 2022

Reset Retreat is Finally Back!

After two long years of uncertainty, cancelations, and postponements, Reset Retreat was finally able to meet again. Our team just got back from Northern Pennsylvania for a youth evangelistic event that hosted five churches and over 140 students.

We all enjoyed fellowship, games, food, worship, and laughter around the campfire. But we want to specifically celebrate what God did through the sermon sessions. Three youth pastors led our students through a For Ministry Resources sermon series that studies the life of Daniel to teach finding victory in the face of adversity. To say that God moved in a big way is an understatement. Lives were changed. Students encountered Jesus in an unforgettable way.

Reset Retreat from a Pastor’s Perspective

Here is what some of the youth pastors who attended had to say:

Nate Fox, a Pastor at CalTab in Vestal, New York remarked, “The Reset Retreat is a time that God uses each and every single year. 2022 was no different. Through games, worship, challenging messages, and the entire program of the weekend, our youth group has seen God convict students to be bolder in living for Christ. We’ve seen the Spirit give students guidance and victory over sin and past hurt and find true purpose in Christ. Our students already can’t wait until Reset Retreat 2023!”

Christian Mickey, the Associate Pastor at West Windsor Baptist Church, explained, “One of our teen girls had a lot of trauma in her past, but after one of the main sessions, we were able to have an incredible conversation about how God brings us through the darkness, how He is with us in the midst of struggle, and how He uses our pain for our good and His glory. So thankful to see the life change and spiritual growth that is happening in our students through events like Reset Retreat!”

Jackson Garrell, our Pastor on staff at Leaders Following Christ, zoomed in on a specific memory from the weekend. “I will never forget the unmistakable feeling of God’s power at the end of the last session. After seeing well over 50 hands raised to commit to letting God reset their lives, the room was packed full of leaders and students praying and weeping together. This was the sight of people breaking free and their lives being healed. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.”

A good time is a good thing, but seeing Jesus change students’ lives is what it’s all about. Our team at LFC was able to partner with these churches to organize the retreat, provide the sermon and devotional curriculum, provide the games and technology programming, and preach at the Retreat. Thanks to your generosity, lives were changed in a real and tangible way. Thank you for your support. More importantly, thank you to all the world-class pastors and churches who partner with Reset every year. They invest countless hours to see their students grow closer to Jesus and each other. That’s our heartbeat. The Reset Student Movement is blessed to have an amazing team of volunteer directors, pastors, and leaders who work tirelessly to make it happen.