LFC Corporate Life Coach Program has Launched!

The Corporate Life Coach program is empowering business leaders to foster employee health — personally and professionally.

Every employee is hired to contribute a unique skill set to an organization, but they also bring a unique challenge set that invisibly impacts the daily workforce. As a nonprofit organization that is passionate about empowering leaders to bring hope and healing to individuals in their communities, LFC is honored to begin offering free life coaching to all part-time and full-time employees and executives of participating businesses in the LFC Network.

The role of a Corporate Life Coach is to help employees balance the demands of professional expectations and personal struggles through confidential consultations. Areas of impact often include family dysfunction, infidelity, and divorce, parenting issues, addiction and relationships with addicts, fears and anxieties, financial struggles, workplace stress, and any other issues that are important to employees. Corporate Life Coaches influence positive transformation in employees’ personal lives and chosen careers while supporting HR by proactively connecting employees with professional Employee Assistance Programs when such resources are necessary.

Every LFC Life Coach is a Chaplain, providing support and guidance that is rooted in a biblical worldview. When an employee invites spirituality into the conversation, the Life Coach may use the opportunity to help them grow in their faith and understanding. LFC Life Coaches serve people of all faiths in the workplace with great care and respect, demonstrating the hope and heart of Christ to every employee, even if faith is never directly invited or integrated into the conversation.

The LFC Corporate Life Coach program is ready to expand, empowering more community leaders to offer hope and healing to their most important company assets — their people. If you are interested in learning more about implementing a Corporate Life Coach in your business, visit this page for more information and to submit an inquiry form.