What is Reset Student Movement?

Reset is a multi-site event currently held in New York’s Greater Binghamton area that has brought over 700 students from more than 30 churches together to reset their lives — growing closer to Jesus and each other. For the teenagers who gather, it’s more than an event. It’s a student movement. 6th-12th graders are given a night packed with fun, community, and a relatable Biblical message that fuels the passion and energy for year-round student discipleship.

The Story of Reset

Amazing things happen when churches come together.

Reset started when two churches in central NY decided to combine their youth groups for a big back to school party. They basically divided it all in half — responsibilities, resources, and even finances. They split it down the middle and said, “we are doing this together.” Team work makes the dream work, right? That year, they felt an excitement in their groups that they hadn’t in years, which ultimately taught them something — unity cultivates energy.

The next year, we invited four churches and saw the event almost triple in size. Students were getting saved. Students were telling their friends about Jesus. Students were starting to take ownership of their faith. This little two-hour event was reminding students that they are a part of something much greater than themselves. That moment turned into a movement.

As of now, Reset has branched off into three different events that have seen over 40 churches and over 700 students come together under one central name — Jesus. Sure, there is loud music, instagram photo opportunities, and pizza, but it goes much deeper than that. These young people are discovering their place and their purpose. They are learning that their purpose does not lie in popularity, prosperity, or possessions. Their purpose is found in a person named Jesus.

Sure, reset is an absolute blast, but eventually the music fades, the pizza boxes are tossed into the dumpster, and the all the seats are empty. However, the Reset Student Movement doesn’t stop there. We intentionally plan for the months after the experience. Students don’t just leave with ringing ears and tired legs, they leave with resources to help them carry Jesus into their communities and schools. We provide students with devotional and small group resources. We provide youth pastors with sermon series resources to keep the momentum moving. Why? Because we exist to help students grow closer to Jesus and each other. You can’t accomplish that mission in 90 minutes a year.

What’s Next for Reset?

After reaching full capacity at our partner church host site during the 2018 Reset Back to School Party, we are expanding to two locations for our September 15th, 2019 event! Not only will we be able to bring more students and churches together than ever before, but we are using this expansion to develop a Reset Student Movement model that will allow churches all over the country to begin implementing Reset Student Movement in their communities.

Reset is a free event for all churches and students who attend. Local partner pastors come together to generously donate their spaces, time, volunteer teams, planning and preaching. Leaders Following Christ is honored to fully fund the event.

How Can you get Involved?

If you are local to Upstate New York and would like to invite your church to attend the free Reset Back to School Party on September 15, 2019, please visit our website for more information.

If you would like to partner with LFC financially as we empower the Reset Student Movement, gifts of any amount are highly impactful and greatly appreciated.